The unique technology of CMES, which is capable of recognizing atypical products,
enables replacement of the highly-intensive and dangerous work that repeatedly occur in
the logistics worksite, leading to increased safety and work efficiency in the work environment.




1. Inbound shipping

Random depalletizing

It is an application that uses CMES high-resolution 3D Vision Scanner and the AI recognition algorithm to accurately recognize different shapes of boxes on the pallet and enables the robot to deliver boxes on the conveyor belt and AGV.


Increased the number of type of boxes which can be recognized using the AI algorithm

Quick cycle time

Approval of production line systems

2. Order picking

Order picking (Bin picking)

It is an application that uses CMES Deep Learning and the high-resolution 3D Vision Scanner to recognize atypical-shaped products randomly placed in the boxes, and picking and placing the products in a precise position.


Application of Deep Learning based on a small amount of learning data

Quick image processing

Prevention of collision between boxes and object

3. Packing

Void fill

It is an application that uses the 3D scanner to quickly and accurately measure empty space in the box where products of a different size and type are placed, and to automatically calculate the amount of buffer material to prevent damage to the product.


Improvement of user convenience for PLC engineers and site managers by providing simple GUI

Improvement of cycle time and reduced labor cost

Solution with domestic patent rights

4. Transporting

AGV / AMR (6 axis position adjustment)

CMES AGV/AMR six-axis adjustment solution inputs 3D vision into AGV/AMR to carry out accurate work by considering AGV/AMR position error and adjusting the position.


Solution with price competitiveness

Simple process setting without using a PC by applying a smart sensor

Shortened cycle time by skipping communication time

5. Outbound shipping

Random palletizing

It is an application that recognizes the different size andeight of the boxes using CMES 3D Vision and AI (Deep Learning); it loads boxes in the ptimal position in the pallet, taking in account the pallet balance and loading weight.


Effective in handling different types of boxes

Stable loading of the maximum amount in pallet space


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