CMES is contributing to increasing production efficiency in major industries with 3D Robot Vision technology


Accurately recognize and coordinate irregularly shaped products


Create optimal robot passes to increase the accuracy of the automotive process


Automate essential manufacturing processes at a reasonable cost


Weld various atypicals with a robot


Accurately recognize object position and correct it with 3D vision


CMES has outstanding robot realization technologies based on 3D Vision, Robot Control, and AI technologies


· Full 3D graphical UI
· User-Customizable
· Different kinds of interface

3D & AI Processing

· 3D Data processing
· AI-assisted object recognition
· 2D/3D hybrid shape-matching


· Vision calibration
· Robot calibration
· Vision to robot calibration

Adaptive robot motion planning

· Prediction & Path planning
· Collusion avoidance
· Path Efficiency optimization

System design & control

· 3D Simulation
· Optimal HW design
· Robot controlling


Holds approx. 25 partners based on the technology recognized by
domestic and overseas global companies

“ By using CMES high-precision 3D robot guidance, automobile components can be automatically loaded onto an atypical pallet, reducing moving time and logistics cost. ”

- Mando -

“ We are collaborating in the development of a logistics robot solution by combining SKT AI vision technology with the CMES 3D robot vision solution. While most of the solution companies either have robots or vision capability, CMES owns both technologies and its expertise as well. ”

- SKT AIoT Team -

“ We are using CMES 3D robot vision to apply adhesive between the shoes’ floor surface and the upper material. It improves quality, resulting in more efficiency in terms of time and space compared to when it’s done by manually. By using the CMES product, it is capable of searching and matching the irregular products and processing them with the necessary information, which cannot be done by other companies. ”

- Taekwang Ind Co., Ltd. -

“By attaching 3D vision to the robot, a virtual world becomes the reality — that is, a realization of a complete digital twin. This is the strong suit of CMES. Customized functions fitting to high expandability, universality, and the customers’ needs of CMES product are expected to be more widely applied in the automation industry in the future.”

- Huyndai Motor Company Smart factory Innovation Team -

Different 3D Robot vision, Different Performance